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Application Bonus

$1,000 bonus available for new Surrogate Mother applicants who qualify!
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“Working side by side with Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center has been a very comfortable and loving experience. I never would have imagined my experience as a surrogate would be matched with such enthusiasm and love from their staff. Working closely with their staff gave me a personal one-on-one experience that other surrogacy centers aren't always able to match. From the beginning to the end, I felt cared for and appreciated. Any of my questions or concerns were quickly met with compassion and direct action. JOH has something special happening and I hope to work with them again in the future.”

- Comments from a Journeys’ Surrogate Mother, 2016

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Surrogate Mother.


We deeply appreciate your interest in becoming a surrogate. We believe that giving intended parents the gift of a child is an incredibly generous sacrifice. Journeys is honored to work with surrogates who give so much so that intended parents can become a family. If you become a Surrogate Mother we want to get to know you well so that we can do the best job of matching you with intended parents. We will be assisting you throughout the entire process. Tell us what you want in a surrogacy plan and we’ll do our best to help you receive that experience. Journeys also conducts complete compatibility screens of all intended parents..


We know that money is not the main reason you are considering surrogacy but we want you to be well compensated for your considerable time and effort, plus your willingness to help build a family. Call or e-mail now, or fill out and send our convenient question form located on our contact page



Benefits of Surrogacy

  • Personal enrichment of helping to build a family.

  • Incredible sense of reward and self-fulfillment—there is no gift in the world like the one you give.

  • Receive financial compensation – from $34,000 to $39,000 for twins.

  • Meet and develop a relationship with the intended parents to whom you will be always connected.


In order to get started see if you fit the initial requirements

  • Like the experience of pregnancy
  • Has carried at least one child to term in a healthy pregnancy and parenting your own child
  • 21-40 years old
  • Have a healthy height/weight (BMI) ratio, Check yours here
  • Non-smoker
  • Willing to abstain from drug and alcohol use
  • Mentally stable
  • Willing to have injections
  • Not a recipient of government assistance
  • Live in Oregon, Idaho or California

In addition to the above criteria you should be a stable, emotionally healthy person who is willing to put in the time and energy necessary to be a successful surrogate. If you have a partner, that person will need to be supportive of you in this endeavor and also willing to go through screenings and sign legal documents.


Compensation Item


First time surrogate
$37,000+ (depending on area and other circumstances)
Second time surrogate
Third time surrogate
Maternity clothes, singleton or multiples
Monthly allowance for 12 months
Mock cycle
Embryo transfer
$800 ($500 at start of IVF cycle, $300 at transfer)
Cesarean section
Loss of uterus (if required)
Multiples (per child)
Housekeeping, per week starting in third trimester
Lost wages (if placed on bed-rest or required to reduce hours of employment due to medical complications.)
Child care (if needed for appointments, if bed rest if required.)
Travel (if required to travel more than 50 miles for screening, meetings, or medical procedures.)
$250,000 life insurance policy
Intended Parent Pays
Medical insurance
Intended Parent Pays
Medical and psychological screens and medical procedures
Intended Parent Pays
Attorney fees
Intended Parent Pays

How to get started

1 Apply

Email for the initial form. Even if you don't wish to apply, email us now and review the contents of the form.

2 Secondary Application

After review, if you meet the initial program requirements, Journey will send you the application packet.

3 Interview

After receiving the application packet a personal interview will be scheduled.

4 Psychological Evaluation & Medical Screening

Once you and your partner, if applicable, are enrolled in the program you will have medical and psychological screenings.

5 Create a Profile

Your profile will be prepared and approved by you.

6 Review Family Profiles

You will receive Intended Parent profiles to review.

7 Meet With Intended Parents

When the selection is mutual, a meeting will be scheduled with you, intended parents, and the JOH family specialist.

8 Match With Intended Parents

If all decide that working together will be positive, you are matched.