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Thank You Mandy

November 5, 2016 l Susan Tompkins

We had a great time working with gestational carrier Mandy from Idaho. She carried a beautiful baby boy to full term who is now home in the loving arms of his proud family.

Mandy says about working with JOHSC:

I had a great experience as a gestational carrier with Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center. The staff was friendly and communicated every step of the way. They were very responsive with any questions I had. They really care about their surrogates and intended parents. I am thankful that I was able to be part of something so wonderful.

Thank you Mandy!

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Fall Beginnings

October 5, 2016 l Susan Tompkins

We are bubbling over with joy to report that Michelle gave birth to twin boys at the end of September. Both boys are doing well and should be discharged home soon. Mandy will give birth to a baby boy this month, which is a cause for more celebrations. Transfers are happening in October and November and we are thinking good thoughts!

Gestational Carrier applicants continue to come into the program, several are ready to be matched with intended parents.

All positive notes to begin Fall with. Stay tuned for more good news!

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30 Weeks Pregnant

August 22, 2016 l Susan Tompkins

Mandy keeps us in the loop every week with an e-mail update about recent doctor appointments, upcoming ultrasounds, and sometimes a picture!

She also tells us about the baby’s rockin and rollin habits which we all love to hear about. The excitement is building as Mandy is coming into the short stretch before the birth. Way to go Mandy!

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Pregnant With Twins

July 29, 2016 l Susan Tompkins

Michelle, pregnant with twins shows off her baby bumps!

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Notes from the Field

May 21, 2016 l Susan Tompkins

It has been a busy 2016 and JOHSC is thriving. The biggest thrill of the year was Janay giving birth to twins in June.

Other births are expected throughout the rest of the year. News of Roxana’s pregnancy with twins bowled us over with joy. New matches have occurred and have started through the contract phase of the process. New gestational carriers are getting medical approvals and we meet with potential intended parent’s weekly.

More updates coming -

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2016 Recap

July 21, 2016 l Susan Tompkins

I am often reminded, in surrogacy work, of one of the reasons I love being a social worker. I am very interested in people’s lives and stories, and how they have come through the obstacles they face. Once their paths collide with ours we walk together into the future of surrogacy, with high hopes and solid resources, understanding where they have been and who they are.

I believe it is a big advantage that I am able to complete all of the home visits m...myself instead of contracting it out to others who don’t know about surrogacy or who have not met the waiting Intended Parents. I get to know the Gestational Carriers in their home settings, often meeting their children and adult support systems. I get a holistic view of who they are and who they will mesh with in the right way.

Meeting Lindzey, our newest Gestational Carrier/Surrogate was the highlight of last week. At 22 years old Lindzey whisked through the paperwork, was medically approved and scheduled the home visit. I was so pleased to meet such a mature young woman who knows herself, her future and has solid goals.

She is not in a relationship and doesn’t think now is a good time for that. Lindzey is getting to know herself well, establishing her goals, being a good mother to her toddler daughter and maturing as a person. Wow! She’s an incredible young woman who will be a great Gestational Carrier for the right Intended Parents.

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Weekly Update | Feb 14-19

February 17, 2016 l Susan Tompkins

Each week brings peaks of enthusiasm and joy in the surrogacy program. As new gestational carriers come into the program it is a joy to get to know them and find out their history and goals and dreams. New intended parents bring to us their stories and of what brought them to us and we listen with interest and our thoughts of how their story can end with a child or children.

Being with the gestational carriers and the intended parents as they meet brings thoughts and dreams of what can be. The transfer of the embryos brings great joy and excitement, as do the tests that prove that there are thriving embryo(s). The baby bump is another thrill.

It’s all positive here at Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center. We are looking forward to eliminating our waiting list as we add new gestational carriers. Now is a great time to apply, whether a gestational carrier or intended parent. We look forward to talking with each of you, getting to know you, and playing our part with great enthusiasm in this incredible life-altering process.

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News from Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center

February 5, 2016 l Susan Tompkins

An old African proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child. This definitely applies to once the child is born but prior to, in surrogacy, it does indeed take a village.

Sitting with intended parents and the surrogate/gestational carrier and her support people waiting for the transfer yesterday I was reminded of that proverb and how so many of us come together to make surrogacy a reality. The clinic with their many years of experience and expertise in completing the biological and medical part of the process play a huge role. And, so do the rest of the people involved. Yesterday, waiting for the transfer I was filled with gratitude and warmth for each person who has played a role in getting us this far.

But now at the transfer I have to admit my love and gratitude is mainly for the surrogate who has done so much just to get to this point. Way to go Mandy! Our admiration is boundless!

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News from Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center

November 13, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

Things are hopping around here and have been for the last few weeks:

Great news is that GC Janay is pregnant with twins, confirmed today with an ultrasound. There is nothing quite as exciting seeing embryos at an ultrasound unless it’s of course seeing the babies born.

For the 2016 year JOHSC joined in again but this time contributing pro bono services for two couples with Men Having Babies.

We are anxious to meet the intended parents that we may be able to provide these services for. We are looking forward to Attending some of the MHB conferences in 2016.

Other GC’s are lined up for transfers before the end of the year. New GC’s are enrolling in the program and we are talking to many Intended Parents, who mainly come from other countries.

That’s our round up for the week. It’s busy here and we are loving it!

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New Surrogate! Meet Yasmin

October 6, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

Welcome to our newest Oregon gestational carrier, Yasmin, age 23, who lives near Portland with her young son and partner. She works with disabled adults and in her spare time she loves walking with her family and playing soccer, which she would have done professionally if she had the opportunity. Yasmin is 5’ tall and weighs 125 pounds. She leads a stable lifestyle which revolves around family and would love to give another couple the opportunity to have a baby.

Welcome, Yasmin!

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New Surrogate! Meet Reisha

September 4, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

Meet Reisha our newest surrogate! She and her husband and two young children (ages 2 and 5) live near Corvallis and enjoy an active and rich lifestyle. Reisha is a registered dietician and her husband is a physician, so a healthy life is at the top of their priority list. World travel before the children joined their lives was important but now they find joy in attending local festivals and gatherings with their friends.

Regarding surrogacy Reisha says, “I would hope as new parents you would want to be a part of the entire process from the beginning of the pregnancy. I anticipate a lifelong bond and friendship would development between our families due to the importance of the journey for the new life we together would be bringing into this world. We hope we can help you in the remarkable journey that lies ahead.”

Welcome, Reisha!!

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New Surrogate! Meet Michelle

August 12, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

Meet Michelle, our newest gestational carrier/surrogate from Oregon and her two dogs, Isabella and Joey. Michelle, at 35 years old is happily single, has two teen age children, and works as a paralegal in Portland.

Her life revolves her family – they love going to the coast with the dogs (even when it rains) gardening, baking, and just spending family time together. In addition to leisure time Michelle says that the rest of her free time is making sure the kid’s extracurricular activities are satisfied, social events are attended and school work is complete.

Regarding intended parents, Michelle says, “My desire for the ideal match of the intended parents is simply to make them as happy as I am with my family and children. I hope that they will be as actively involved during the entire pregnancy as they feel comfortable. I am completely opposite of being a shy person and would welcome a true lifelong friendship with the intended parents and their child(ren). However, I understand that not everyone is as comfortable with this as I am. Therefore, I am willing to accommodate the wishes of the parents 100%. I feel that this is their pregnancy and their memories; I am just a participant/observer as such. I am blessed to be part of this journey with them.

Welcome, Michelle!!

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Intended Parents and Surrogates Connecting

July 31, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

When it really gets down to it, surrogacy is about humans connecting with each other. We, at Journeys’ Surrogacy, got to witness this first hand last week when Gestational Carrier Kristen got to meet the intended parents for the first time and receive a gorgeous sterling bracelet with a gold heart, mother and child charm on it. The intended mother has a bracelet just like it. As they go through this journey together and apart they can both gaze at their bracelet and think of the other and the baby growing inside.

The afternoon went by with serious talk, some laughter, and this lovely bracelet. We are grateful to be a witness to the beginning of the relationship that will transcend countries, language, and nationalities. We call came together and connected with one goal, carrying and delivering a baby for the intended parents and building a solid and warm relationship as we go.

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Journeys Surrogacy Center Weekly Summary

July 24, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

Watch the blog for introductions to our new Gestational Carriers soon but now hear our exciting news of the day below:

Journeys of the Heart is excited to be collaborating with The Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) and Men Having Babies (MHB). The Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) is designed to make parenting more affordable to those in financial need. It annually provides dozens of couples with over a million dollars worth of cash grants, discounts and free services from about forty leading service providers. The program is operated by Men Having Babies (MHB), an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational and financial support to gay biological fathers and fathers-to-be.

We welcome you to learn more about these wonderful organizations & apply to work with Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center through their websites! To view Journeys of the Heart's directory profile, visit The Gay Parenting Assistance Program (GPAP) and Men Having Babies (MHB) are outstanding organizations and we are happy to be able to work with them in helping couples have access to grants & discounts while expanding their family through surrogacy.

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Older Surrogates/Gestational Carriers

July 17, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

When we refer to the “older” surrogate/GC we are referring to those over 35 years of age. I’ve been researching online and asking fertility clinics about the “older” GC and find that there are lots of references to very successful GC’s even over 40 doing well in surrogacy. The fertility clinics also accept women over 40 and see no problem with them as surrogates. The general thought seems to be that eggs age and become less viable but not so the uterus, particularly in healthy, active women.

At Surromomsonline there are many messages from women who have been successful in being GC’s at an older age.

This message seems reminiscent of many: "I was 38 or 39 when I started applying to agencies. My dd was (I think) around 10 at that time. The agency had no problem matching me or finding a clinic. I'm on my 3rd gs pregnancy now and I'll be 44 when I deliver this one. The agency had no issue matching me because of my age."

Check out this and other information online about successful older gestational carriers.

Be sure to check out our waiting GC’s – there are some lovely women waiting to be matched.

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Open to carrying for HIV+ couple

May 1, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

One of gestational carriers would be honored to carry for an HIV+ intended parent(s).

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How to talk about Surrogacy.

May 1, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

Last week we talked about what negative folks say to intended parents about surrogacy. Some of what is said is naïve but it’s almost always painful. Turning things around to gestational carriers (surrogates) we find that they have their share of difficulties too. In fact, they may be seen as the ones who are the perpetrators of surrogacy because without them none of this would be possible (and we love them for it). Therefore, they may be more of a target for those who want to make their negative opinions known.

What do people say to the gestational carriers? One common theme is, “I think what you are doing is wonderful but I could never carry a baby and then give it away. How do you do that?” That is a back handed compliment as defined here: What might at first sound like a compliment but could/should really be taken as an insult when considered in its entirety.

Because it appears to be a compliment it’s always difficult to know how to handle this type of comment. Honesty and directness are good if it’s possible for you.

“That comment didn’t feel good to me. Do you know much about surrogacy? Would you like me to tell you more about it?” Education can be helpful. But, determine first what are this person’s motivations for saying this. Is the person educable? Do you care? Do you have the time to take for this?

Some gestational carriers tell me that they just don’t tell anyone about their surrogacy choices except for people in their closest support system. They don’t think it’s anyone else’s business, don’t want or need the support of “others” in the community, and don’t want to put the energy and effort into talking to others about their decisions.

Some gestational carriers tell me that they are ready and prepared to talk with others about why they are involved in surrogacy, carrying for same sex intended parents, HIV positive intended parents, and other possible “controversial” topics. They like to engage with others, have a spirited debate, and can walk away feeling fine even if there were disagreements.

We are all doing the best we can according to our personalities and inner resources. We can respect both types of gestational carriers for choosing how to cope with what people say. Keeping it all inward and feeling secure in their choices is always good. Talking with others and educating others about our changing world is a rewarding role too.

Keep up the good work, gestational carriers!

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New Surrogate! Meet Roxanna

April 17, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

We welcome Roxanna as our newest Oregon gestational carrier who lives in the Portland area.

Roxanna is a delightful woman who is a caseworker for the State of Oregon and who is raising three equally delightful girls. She is Portuguese, grew up in Mexico, and speaks English and Spanish. About being a parent and surrogacy Roxanna says: Theres is nothing in the world that makes me feel so loved and fulfilled as being a mother. I want to have the chance to share this amazing experience with intended parents. There are no words to describe what being a parent feels like but being a surrogate will give me the opportunity to share such blessing, and I am nothing more than honored to know that I can help someone to have and to feel what is like to be a parent.

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Reflections on How to Deal with what People Say – for intended parents

April 17, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

Now that you have chosen a non-traditional path to build your family people will say difficult and hurtful things, about whatever non-traditional path you have chosen. You can think, discuss, decide in advance how to handle situations or just let it come at you and respond spontaneously. But, when it hits, look out – it hurts. Becoming a family is so personal, so heartfelt, and done with such passion that your feelings will be strong as you pursue it.

Now that you are involved in the surrogacy process as an intended parent, what are people going to say that is going to offend, hurt, and/or make you angry and who is going to say it?

Who is going to say what?

Surprisingly some medical staff at hospitals or clinics can become unfriendly and cold once they find out you are involved in something they may not approve of. Sometimes they speak out and have said things like, “you are making a big mistake,” or other such scolding advice. While hurtful, the thing to do here is to report them to their superior and let their bosses know that they have said something way out of line and completely judgemental.

Then, we move on to friends and acquaintances, who may even think they are saying something helpful but they are not. For instance, oh, now “just relax and it will all work out the way it is supposed to.” “Boy, you must really want a child!” “I would never do that!” “Are you kidding, it costs that much?”

So, what do you do with your hurt feelings? No matter how strong you are and no matter how sure you are of your path, it still stings. Be sure you have someone to talk it over with, a safe person who is non-judgemental and supports you. Once you’ve shared it with someone you’ll find that you feel better about the whole episode. Validation from your close confident really helps. Still stinging? Yes, but not quite as bad now.

Reflect on why the person said it. Ignorance? Jealousy? Mean-spirited person in general? Insecure? Mentally ill? Threatened? Does it help to understand? Well, it might if the answer is ignorance. We always advise education is a good thing if the other person is open to hearing about it from your perception and you want to put in the effort. If it’s an ignorant family member it’s probably worth it. If it’s an acquaintance, maybe not so much. Deciding about other motivations or causes can help you decide what to do next.

For instance, a mentally ill person should probably be avoided if possible. A threatened or jealous person maybe could use your compassion if you are up to it. Mean-spirited – maybe avoidance here is the key. You take control and you decide. It gets more difficult if these folks are family members, people you will have ongoing contact with. If they are not educable and they are going to be in your life you do still have choices. No contact. Talk to others about asking them to stop making the comments. Develop some strategies for dealing with it as it comes up (other family members come to your defense, share with them how hurtful their comment is, etc.)

What to say in response? That depends on your personality and inclinations. Silence might be all you can do at the moment. Most people feel upset with themselves after an episode where they said nothing and wish they had spoken up. Don’t worry, you’ll probably be given another chance and you can decide what to do. Attack? Depends on your tendencies and if you feel good afterwards but nothing good usually comes from this plan. Use humor? Some folks do that really well and the message is driven home without offending anyone.

So, you’ll live through it, may be stronger for it, and in the end you will have your beautiful family. So practice now, get good at dealing with this issue, and then you can teach your children all that you have learned.

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Waiting Surrogates!

April 5, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

JOHSC has waiting GC’s/surrogates from Oregon and Idaho and new ones joining the program weekly. Check out the surrogacy program and the gestational carriers/surrogates waiting who reside in Oregon and Idaho.

Also, check out the varying base compensation rates depending upon state of residence for the Gestational carriers.

For instance, gestational carriers/surrogates earn a base rate of $20,000 in Idaho and from between $25,000-$30,000 for those surrogates living in Oregon. The ultimate rate is based on a few factors including the gestational carriers insurance coverage and geographical location. This can make a $10,000 difference in the total amount spent.

Our staff are waiting to talk to you about our various options and get you started immediately on your journey of surrogacy.

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Why Idaho is so popular for surrogacy

March 20, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

In talking to the intended parents who e-mail and call about all their options in surrogacy, we often end up talking about Idaho. Idaho has had a certain reputation over the years because of the Aryan group who were based in Coeur d'Alene. However, that group was put out of business by the Southern Law Poverty Center in a lawsuit and all the stray Aryan’s moved away. Later the land was purchased by a man who burned down the remaining buildings.

So, those days are over for Idaho and it is regaining its reputation for being clean, beautiful country with friendly people and all the professional services one needs for surrogacy. It is less crowded than many of the larger cities of Oregon and California with it’s capital of Boise, coming in with a population of just over 200,000 people. While still not a diverse population the major population centers of Idaho do have people of color who make their home there.

All people should feel comfortable in the big city feel of Boise.

Ok, so it is a nice place to visit but what else draws intended parents to Idaho? It’s cheaper than many of the other large cities where there are IVF clinics (Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco). The cost of living in Idaho is well under the average for the US. Hotel rooms run between $100-120.00 per night, restaurant food runs for a mid-range restaurant with three courses $47.00 for two, and most everything else is way under the average cost in other places. This also holds true for the base compensation rate for surrogacy – In Idaho the gestational carrier base rate for a first time is $20,000, well under the $30,000 that gestational carriers/surrogates are earning in Portland and other large cities. Given that smaller base rate and the reduced cost of staying in Idaho that means a big savings to the total surrogacy bill.

Have an IVF Clinic elsewhere? Our gestational carriers will travel to your clinic but will have your baby in Idaho where professional medical services are used to dealing with surrogacy, hospitals may have surrogacy wings, and level 3 NICU units are ample.

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No waiting lists for Intended Parents!

February 24, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

Oregon and Idaho surrogates available now! Conteact us to learn more Email

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Some Considerations in Choosing a Gestational Carrier

February 24, 2015 l Susan Tompkins

As Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center (JOHSC) talks to more and more women who want to be gestational carriers, it is apparent that there are big differences among them. Yes, they all meet the ASRM guidelines for gestational carriers. JOHSC has made sure they meet these guidelines by visiting the gestational carriers at their homes and by reviewing the gestational carriers’ surrogacy forms, medical records, questionnaires, criminal background checks, and other relevant paperwork. JOHSC staff evaluate how easy the communication is with each gestational carrier, i.e., how quickly do they respond to staff when we call or reach out to them.

As intended parents you may have your own list of criteria. What are the most important characteristics you want in the gestational carrier, besides meeting the basic criteria necessary to being a surrogate?

For example, if you are outgoing and want to develop a close relationship with the gestational carrier, then her personality is probably an important factor. Is she a warm, friendly, and compassionate person? If she has a partner does he also seem outgoing and welcoming?

Speaking the same language and being from the same culture may be important in order to develop the relationship you desire. Similar educational backgrounds might be important to you.

Or, if you view the surrogacy process as more of a business arrangement, you may want a gestational carrier who is more reserved and also sees the situation in the same light as you do.

Other factors may be important to you

Talking with your prospective gestational carrier about how much communication you both want should help you to determine whether she is a good fit with you or not.

Is her support system of concern to you? Many intended parents state a preference for married gestational carriers. Beyond that, the question has to be asked how supportive is her husband or partner? Is a gestational carrier who is living with her parents or grandparents likely to get more support than a married gestational carrier? It is possible. What about a married gestational carrier who has 4 children? Is her husband very supportive or not very? These are questions to consider before jumping to conclusions. These are questions you can ask JOHSC.

What about her age? Some intended parents like the idea of as young as possible. However, most agencies accept women up to age 40 into the program. The intended parents may want to consider other factors besides age, such as emotional maturity, life experience, and sharing the same expectations concerning the amount of contact and communication between the gestational carrier and you.

If cost is a big factor the intended parents may want to consider a gestational carrier who lives in a more rural area where the compensation rate for the gestational carrier is less than that for those who live in the Portland metropolitan area. While there would be extra travel and travel expenses associated with having a gestational carrier who lives outside of the Portland Metropolitan area, those additional expenses would rarely come close to what is saved on the basic compensation rate. For instance, a gestational carrier who lives in Idaho gets the base compensation rate of$20,000 compared to the $30,000 that a gestational carrier who lives in Portland receives. For instance, Boise, Idaho, is an hour’s plane flight and a round trip ticket booked several weeks in advance is less than $200.

No matter what is important to you, some characteristics are essential for both intended parents and gestational carriers: mutual respect, good will toward each other, total commitment to achieving the goal of having a baby/babies, flexibility, an ability to bounce back emotionally from disappointments if and when they occur, and perseverance.

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New Surrogate - Meet Janay!

December 20, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

Journeys Surrogacy welcomes our newest surrogate/gestational carrier, Janay. Janay lives in the Portland area with her husband and two young children. She is excited to be in the program and is anxious to get things moving. Janay leads an active and healthy lifestyle and is concerned about having a healthy diet.

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Meet Kristen & Reduced Fees For Intended Parents!

December 20, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

Meet our latest surrogate/carrier, Kristen, who lives in Southern Oregon with her young son. She works in the cell phone industry and in her leisure time she loves being a mother and doing activities with her son as well as running in 5K races. Kristen is physically fit and very active as well as calm and independent minded.

Kristen is now available in our pool of surrogates that includes residents of Oregon and Idaho.

The JOH promotion of greatly reduced agency fees (cut $5,000) has three places left for intended parents who want professional surrogacy services but want a less costly alternative.

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New Surrogate | Reduced Fees

December 2 , 2014 l Susan Tompkins

Newest Oregon surrogate/carrier, Kristen, is almost ready to have her profile shown and a write up will be on the JOH Surrogacy website soon. Kristen hails from Southern Oregon, has a great job troubleshooting for a cell phone company, and is ready to enter the waiting pool!

In addition, the new price reduction of $5,000 to five intended parent applicants who apply and qualify remains available at JOH Surrogacy Center. We have a great pool of waiting Oregon and Idaho surrogates and will now be building further with the intended parents.

Surrogacy Experts

New Surrogate | Meet Katy!

November 7, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

Katy is 23 years old and lives in Southern Oregon with her 3 year old daughter, partner, and her sisters. She works full time as a cashier but the majority of her life revolves around her daughter. That is why Katy made the decision to become a gestational carrier/surrogate. She says, “Having such an amazing child has made me the happiest I have ever been and it started me thinking about surrogacy. Knowing that some people cannot have biological children, for a variety of reasons, made me feel that surrogacy was right for me. I feel everyone should be given the opportunity to complete their lives with a child, if desired. I was fortunate to have an easy pregnancy and a relatively easy, uncomplicated labor and I absolutely loved the feeling of pregnancy."

Katy describes herself as very happy, energetic, artistic, athletic person. She believes children should have positive reinforcement and a variety of activities to inspire growth in their personalities. That is the way she and her siblings were raised and Katy thinks that way of parenting inspired creativity, imagination, playfulness and the ability to believe anything is possible.

One of Katy’s loves is dance – she was on the dance team and dance troupe in high school and dances just about every day, often in her living room. Katy played competitive soccer for 18 years and remains a very active person.


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Temporarily cutting fees for Intended Parents!

October 21, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

What’s unusual about Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center?

  • Journeys has waiting gestational carriers/surrogates from Oregon and Idaho who are ready to be matched with intended parents. View our waiting surrogates

    There is no wait for those intended parents who want to join our program now.

  • Journeys has low fees, you can view our fees here, and yet we offer a professional staff of a licensed clinical social worker, attorney, bookkeeping, and coordinators.

  • Journeys has years of experience in helping to build families and transfers those skills, along with their compassion, to surrogacy.

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Surrogate Ready for Intended Parents!

October 3, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

I’ve really liked meeting all the surrogates/gestational carriers in Oregon and Idaho. But, a rare treat was visiting Mandy’s house which had many animals including her beloved horses. Mandy and her husband live with their daughters and other extended family surrounded by love and support, in the country but fairly close to Boise. Mandy commutes to her job in the city but she’s closest to the part of her life she loves most at home with her family and her horses. Just to set the stage, chickens roam the place and from them the family gets organic eggs. Mandy’s mother is the cook and healthy eating is important to her. Several dogs sat on the porch but when looking out at the property the most impressive vision is the sea of beautiful horses. I see why Mandy loves it so.

When not feeding the horses, Mandy is waiting to give the incredible gift of life through surrogacy at the Journeys of the Heart Surrogacy Center


The Greatest Gift

September 15, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

I am really enjoying my visits with the JOH gestational carriers/surrogates in Oregon and Idaho. As we get to know each other better, there are so many important issues to discuss.Besides getting a social summary about their lives, explaining the surrogacy process, and answering questions we talk a lot about their commitment to the surrogacy process and what an impact surrogacy will have on their and the intended parent’s lives. Sometimes surrogates make this decision on a whim and don’t realize how much is involved. That’s why JOH wants to make sure that our surrogates “get it.” I am pleased to say that our gestational carriers do get it and they often bring all of this up before I do. They are women of high quality who care about others enough to give the greatest gift.

Surrogacy Experts

Journeys Surrogates Warm Hearts

August 25, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

We are continually amazed at the beautiful and warm hearts of the people we work with toward the miracle of birth and parenthood. A new gestational carrier, Kelsie, writes in her letter about what is really important to her about the intended parents and we think she says it all:

“I would only like to have a couple stipulations for you as Intended Parents. Love this child unconditionally, but his or her needs before any of yours. Your world now revolves around them. As a young mom, I had to learn that the hard way. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my son and that is really all I ask of you. I don’t care what color you are, what sexual orientation you are or where you’re from. As long as I know this future child will be taken care of and loved by great people, I will be happy. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I can’t wait to meet you.”

We love what she feels and we are anxious to get her matched with intended parents who feel the same way.

Surrogacy Experts

Intended Parents

July 15, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

Last week our thoughts were with the many gestational carriers/surrogates I had met with over the past several weeks. We love our communication with them, especially after meeting and getting to know them better. Now I know their children as well as their husbands and parents and sat in their living rooms. When we talk on the phone I envision them in their family settings and it makes me smile. Their one shared goal, which they all felt deeply about, was to help another family have a child.

We now have a great pool of surrogates waiting to be matched with the intended parents and it is growing weekly. And, our thoughts have turned to the intended parents who we have been talking to about the program. They too, come from such varied backgrounds, but they all have the same goal of having a child. All on the same path but such different journeys. In our conversations with potential intended parents I know that we will get to love these folks as much as the surrogates.

I believe our intended parents are people who have looked at their life goals and decided that there are some things more important than material possessions and wealth. Having a child, is an age old need of we humans. Some people are able to have biological children; others decide to pursue adoption (we can help with that too). But many people decide that surrogacy is the best decision. We are born to love, nurture, guide, feed, clean up and in all ways take care of our children. It’s a human need and we at Journeys are so happy to help surrogates and intended parents along this incredible journey.

Surrogacy Experts

Meeting our Surrogates

June 29, 2014 l Susan Tompkins

Travelling around the Pacific Northwest to meet and get to know the Journeys of the Heart Surrogates (gestational carriers) has been an interesting privilege. I do the “home visits” that all surrogates (gestational carriers) must do before being fully enrolled in the program. So far I’ve met gestational carriers in Idaho and Oregon and not only met the incredible women but seen the most beautiful scenery that’s right here in our own backyard (saw six deer in Idaho in one hour!)

All the surrogates are lovely people, very nice and genuine about wanting to help others become a family. They were also all very different. One of the Oregon surrogates is a homemaker, taking delight in raising her children as naturally as possible. A surrogate living in Idaho is raising one child and is graduating with a BS degree in December, works in a hospital, and plans to be an RN. Another is an RN and along with her parents, is raising her triplets. A business analyst who lives on a horse farm is anxious to be matched.

It was fun and fascinating visiting with these delightful and varied women in their homes and meeting their families. I love my job!